Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a specialty within orthopaedics that focuses on the treatment and preventions of athletic injuries. Athletic injuries often affect the musculoskeletal system, including the bones, joints, and soft tissues. Although sports medicine specialists treat athletes, they also treat patients whose injuries did not occur during athletic activity. The goal of sports medicine is to diagnose and treat these injuries to help patients recover quickly and safely.

ACL Reconstruction

ACL tears are among the most common knee injuries for athletes. Dr. Wathne is fellowship trained in sports medicine, and has performed a high volume of ACL reconstruction procedures over the course of his career. ACL reconstruction is done by taking a tendon graft from the patient or a cadaver, and using that graft to reconstruct the ligament. Dr. Wathne is experienced in all surgical options for ACL reconstruction, including all tendon graft options and arthroscopic techniques. This experience allows him to recommend a plan that meets the patient’s needs, which ultimately leads to greater long-term success for the reconstructed ACL.

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Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator cuff tears are common shoulder injuries among athletes and laborers. Rotator cuff repair surgery is often needed to restore full strength and function of the rotator cuff, especially for patients seeking to return to their job or sport. As the most experienced rotator cuff surgeon in the Pocatello area, Dr. Wathne is trained in the latest arthroscopic rotator cuff repair techniques, but is also skilled in open rotator cuff surgery, if needed.

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